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About the Company

MugBuddyCookies is a new, small business focused on inspiring whimsy and sharing fun with all who enjoy one of their cookies. Established June 2015 in the founder’s hometown of Biddeford, Maine, MugBuddyCookies is a socially responsible company based on a culture of empowerment and creative freedom. It is our mission to brighten the day and bring a smile to all who enjoy beverages in mugs, one handcrafted cookie at a time.

About Me

Image of Founder Märgen Soliman

Märgen Soliman, a Biddeford native, has returned to her hometown to embark on one of her greatest adventures to date. Märgen has always had a passion for creative endeavors, from singing and acting to decorating Ukranian Eggs every spring. During the winter of 2013, Märgen designed some personalized Mug Buddy miniature houses with the hopes of surprising friends and family with such an original, handcrafted gift. The delight these cookies brought to her loved ones inspired Märgen to start MugBuddyCookies, so that she could share Mug Buddys with so many more.

Outside of cookies, Märgen also loves the great outdoors, cycling, and performing on the stage.