About the Company

MugBuddyCookies was established June 2015 in the founder’s hometown of Biddeford, Maine.

Our mission is to connect people through the sharing of Mug Buddies. For us, that means nurturing our connections with you, our team, our community, and the environment. Over the course of this last year, the importance of these kinds of connections has really hit home. Here are some of the changes we’ve undertaken in front of and behind the scenes:

- We choose local businesses for 75% of our packaging materials; the rest comes from US suppliers.

- We prioritize eco-friendly packaging materials, like our awesome yellow Mug Buddy recyclable tape with our subscription boxes!

- We choose local & regional producers for cookie ingredients whenever possible.

- We reduce our waste by recycling, composting (so many eggshells), and repurposing equipment.

- We donate to shelters, food banks, and local farmers those Mug Buddies that “haven’t found their mug” at the end of a season.

- We increased wages making strides toward our goal of livable wages for the entire team by 2023.

Your support is part of what makes achieving this vision possible. We are proud to create the Mug Buddies you love, and we hope that knowing a bit more about our efforts toward strengthening our connections makes sharing Mug Buddies that much more special.


About the Owner

Image of Founder Märgen Soliman

Märgen Soliman, a Biddeford native, has returned to her hometown to embark on one of her greatest adventures to date. Märgen has always had a passion for creative endeavors, from singing and acting to decorating Ukranian Eggs every spring. During the winter of 2013, Märgen designed some personalized Mug Buddy miniature houses with the hopes of surprising friends and family with an original, handcrafted gift. The delight these cookies brought to her loved ones inspired Märgen to start MugBuddyCookies, so that she could share Mug Buddies with so many more.

Outside of cookies, Märgen also loves the great outdoors, cycling, and performing on the stage.