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Local Retailers

Where can you find your next Mug Buddy? 

Our summer lines are out and about! Check back soon to see who might be carrying Mug Buddies in your area. If you cannot find Mug Buddies at a retailer near you, please visit our web store - we are happy to help by shipping your order to you or your mug buddy!

Listed by state and city (alphabetically)
Zinnia's Gift Boutique - 219c Mount Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley

The Village Studio - 43 High St, North Andover
Francie's Boutique - 30 Main St, Topsfield

New York
Wave Hill Public Garden - 675 W 252nd St, Bronx

Online Retailer
The Discerning Kaleidoscope (local, handmade, and art) -
Unwrapped Gifting -

Port Gamble General Store & Cafe - 32400 Rainier Ave, NE, Port Gamble