Summer is in full swing! Celebrate the season with our summery and seaside themed Mug Buddies!

Summer is when our home state of Maine shines as "Vacationland", and we've designed summery Mug Buddies to take you on a mini vacation during your day! Enjoy an adventure exploring this year's Fairy Houses. Let your imagination take flight with the Hanging Birdhouse. Decorate your space and mug with an array of Hanging Flowers. Our *new* Blueberry Pint is a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds!

Have an appetite for the seaside? Treat yourself to a Solo Lighthouse with chocolate rocks below. Enjoy a fresh catch with the Lobster Shack and Trap (with two mini lobsters inside!). We do all the "cooking" for you with our Maine Lobster!

This summer, we're introducing a *new* flavor - Ginger Peach! Pairing perfectly with teas and lemonades, Ginger Peach Mug Buddies are sure to be a new summer favorite to enjoy with your mug buddy. Savor more snacking with this season's Bloomin' Bites - bite sized flower shaped cookies in your favorite flavors drizzled with turquoise, pink, and yellow candy melts.

Interested in more cookie lines or custom creations? Fantastic! We have exclusive collections that you will love and take custom orders through our store!  For updates and new releases check back here, follow us on social media, and sign up on our contact page.


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