7 Reasons Why Mug Buddies Make The Perfect Gift For Teachers

As the school year winds down and summer begins, there is nothing more thoughtful than a little gift and a thank you note to show your appreciation for all the hard work that teachers have done this year. It can be tricky to find the perfect gift, especially for someone you appreciate as much as the teachers in your life! Instead of racking your brain trying to figure out what they would like or gifting them another cup, how about a delicious decorated mug cookie!

To make life easy, here are 7 reasons why Mug Buddies make the perfect gift for teachers!

1. They can be sent right to the teacher to avoid the “backpack crush".

2. Teachers have lots and lots of mugs. Mug Buddies make the best accessories!

3. Mug Buddies are visually stunning and fun to explore. They are 
imaginative and inspire a sense of play. Teachers have a strong connection with their inner child and are explorers, full of imagination.

4. Mug Buddies are edible art, so they can be enjoyed as a desk decoration before being eaten (rather than another desk tchotchke or plant to be decorated/dusted that takes up space).

5. They are a yummy reward after a long day of classes or a long night of grading papers.

6. You're supporting a small business when you share Mug Buddies - doubly so if you find them at one of our 9 retailers in Maine and Massachusetts.

7. All teachers drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. There is nothing better than dunking your whimsical mug cookie topper into your drink for a sweet snack.

A Mug Buddy is sure to make your kiddo a class favorite and make a teacher feel congratulated for their hard work this past school year. At Mug Buddies, we know that feeling connected, seen, welcomed, remembered, and valued is something we as people all share. Mug Buddy cookies are a way to achieve those goals in a fun, unique, memorable way that makes folks smile.