Will you be my Bridesmaid? Mug Buddy Cookies for Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes


Weddings are back! With wedding season in full swing, our favorite trend is bridesmaid proposal boxes. There is no better way to ask your best friends to be a part of your bridal party than with a bridesmaid proposal box. Your wedding day will be an event to remember. You are saying “I Do” to the love of your life while also spending the day surrounded by the people who mean most to you.  Ask those special people in your life to be part of your day with a Mug Buddy in your bridesmaid proposal gift box.

Garden Butterfly Whimsical Mug Topper Cookie for Girl's Night Gift and Bridesmaid Proposal Box 

A bridesmaid proposal is a present from the bride. It can be in person or a fun surprise delivered to work. Bridesmaid proposal boxes can be filled with many goodies, from jewelry to candles. Mug Buddies are the most scrumptious addition to your bridesmaid proposal box. Add some Bloomin’ Bites to your proposal box, a Flower Mug Buddy Topper Duo, or say, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” with our custom Mug Buddy Messages greeting cookie. Being a bridesmaid is an important role; there is no better gift than adding a Mug Buddy to your bridesmaid proposal box! 

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When choosing gifts for a bridesmaid proposal, you want to include a few different gifts. The gifts could include something they can enjoy on the wedding day, a thoughtful keepsake, and something they can enjoy right after the meaningful bridesmaid proposal. Here is where a Mug Buddy is the perfect choice for your friend to say “I do too!” . Every Mug Buddy is hand decorated and assembled by one of our icing artists - you can see the care in each unique cookie. Find a Mug Buddy that reflects your tastes from our wide variety of options, or add your own personal touch by selecting one that can be customized with your bridesmaid’s name or the date of your special day. Each carefully crafted cookie has a sweet, delicate crunch - perfect for dipping during brunch or enjoying as is. Why opt for champagne or chocolate when you could share a Mug Buddy with your future bridesmaid!

Wedding Brunch Flower Mug Buddy Topper Cookie Gift to share with Bridesmaid
Bridesmaid Proposal Brunch