Happy 7th Birthday, Mug Buddies! A Look at Our Favorite Cookies Over the Years

Happy 7th Birthday Wishes to Mug Buddy Cookies - A Look at our Favorite Cookies Over the Years (Lobster, House, and Blueberry Box pictured on an Aqua Background with Confetti)


Mug Buddy Cookies was created in 2015 to connect people, bringing them joy and happiness through the sharing of Mug Buddies. We wanted to make cookies in a fun way that would tell a story. Mug Buddy Cookies celebrates seven years of bringing people together through delicious and whimsically decorated cookies this year. 

Over the years, we have created lots and lots of cookies - from summertime's Blueberry Box and Flowers to the autumnal Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Mansions and winter's frosty Snowflakes. However, we have a special place in our heart for the butterfly Mug Buddy! The idea for the butterfly decorated cookie comes from that childhood desire to have a butterfly float by and land on your finger... in this case, your mug - and it is magical! 

Two Butterfly Cookies resting on a hand.

The cookie we are most proud of is the Lobster Trap with the lobsters on the inside - it was a great challenge to see if we could make it a mug topper, and it was thrilling when we succeeded. 

Each year, our favorite thing, what gets us excited, is the stories we create for the cookies. We wonder what we will come up with because we are still in love with the prior year's designs. Then we sit down, get to designing and dreaming, and come up with other fun, delightful designs and stories for the following year. 

We hope that Mug Buddies will become part of your family and friend traditions, to be enjoyed for years to come.