Mug Buddies Always Make the Perfect Gift!

It goes without saying that Mug Buddy cookies make a great gift! You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love a good cookie, and especially a Mug Buddy - they are crispy, crunchy, and yummy!  Our Mug Buddy cookies make great “just because” gifts.  Here are 11 perfect occasions to gift a Mug Buddy when you’re stumped on what to give: 

    1. Real Estate Closing 
    2. Birthday
    3. Housewarming Party
    4. Wedding Favors 
    5. Bridal Shower 
    6. Baby Shower 
    7. Dinner Party
    8. Anniversary 
    9. Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes 
    10. Groomsmen Boxes
    11. Get Well Soon

We have all been there... amid the winter blues, you RSVP to every invitation in the mail. By the time summer rolls around, you realize - oops! Now you have an event to attend every other weekend. Enjoy your events more by gifting a Mug Buddy. An avid gardener has a birthday party this weekend; how about the Garden Butterfly Mug Buddy Topper? Does your niece already receive every subscription box under the sun? What if you gifted her a Mug Buddy Subscription, which comes with a two-pack of Mug Buddy mug toppers, a solo Mug Buddy Cookie, and a bag of Mug Buddy Bites.

Each curated box comes with a postcard highlighting that month's unique selections. A special treat is included for all 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions!

Save yourself the hassle of going to the store and frantically searching, brainstorming the "perfect gift" when you're already here! Our unique cookies are meant to be shared and nurture connections. Share a mug buddy with someone at your next event!