Celebrate Summer with Mug Buddies

I Love Maine Mug with Blueberry Pint Mug Buddy Mug Topper

Summertime is a great time to kick back, relax, and enjoy those long lazy days. A mug full of something yummy makes any summer day better. What’s the best thing you put in your mug? Maybe something traditional like iced tea or coffee? Or perhaps something fun like ice cream or popcorn? You could even find a festive adult beverage to put in your mug on a hot sunny day. Whatever it is that you decide to sip on, it should always include a Mug Buddy. Our cookies make any day and mug a little brighter.

Maine Lobster Shack and Trap Mug Buddy Coastal Souvenir Cookies the Beach with Ocean

When you visit one of our retailers across the country or order online from our website, you will find a delicious assortment of summer treats for those special moments. Summer is full of beach trips, digging in the garden, and munching on blueberries. One of our Lighthouse Mug Buddy toppers would be perfect for your next family brunch. Or our Lobster Shack and Trap Topper Set is begging to be brought to your annual neighborhood picnic. It also goes without saying, the Blueberry Pint is fit for a fancy tea party on the lawn. 

Blueberry Pint Topper on China Tea Cup

Wondering what is on our summer bucket list? Besides drinking our morning coffee in our mug adorned with a Goldfinch Bird House Mug Buddy, we are taking a virtual summer road trip to visit our retailers across New England. Pack up the dog and your favorite Mug Buddy, and follow us on social media as we take a virtual road trip each Friday to one of our local retailers. 

Goldfinch Mug Topper Cookie At Beach Boardwalk

You get to decide what to put in your summer mug; we help make it fun. Visit our shop; we would love to be part of your summer.