Mom's love Mug Buddies!

We have yet to meet a mom who doesn't love a cup of coffee or tea. This Mother's Day, you can make her morning extra special with a Mug Buddy® or join her for an afternoon pick me up and share a set! Enjoy assorted flowers from our delicious cookie garden, let your imagination take flight with our charming butterflies, and revel in the magic of our fairy houses. Now available in two new summer inspired flavors: Lemon Lavender and Coconut Lime. 

Surprise Mom and treat yourself with our Mug Buddies - cookies that are more than just a snack. They're a scrumptious, playful enrichment to the most relaxing part of your day. Perfect for every occasion, each Mug Buddy® is created with an ounce of whimsy, a tablespoon of love, and the best ingredients available.

Interested in more cookie lines or custom creations? Fantastic! We have exclusive collections that you will love and take custom orders through our store!  For updates and new releases check back here, follow us on social media, and sign up on our contact page.


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